Foam Recycling is Available in Urbana, Illinois

Let’s clear up the common misconception that foam products cannot be recycled and that they pose a threat to our environment because foam is, in fact, recyclable and the product provides numerous benefits to businesses and consumers. Foam is inexpensive, lightweight, and a great insulator. Because of this, foam is commonly used for things like takeout containers, cups, and lunch plates. What’s different about foam is that the recycling process is one of a kind and requires a separate process than the recycling of other common products. The recycling of foam has evolved and become more widely available to consumers than it was in the past.

With the introduction of new technology, the process of foam recycling has become far more efficient. As a result, the amount of labor needed is reduced and the price of recycling has become less expensive.

There are many benefits to recycling foam, but the main issue is the accessibility of recycling centers. Dart Container, a manufacturing company, is trying to change that with Dart-sponsored recycling centers.

Dart Container is working to make foam recycling more accessible for business, schools, and consumers. Because foam recycling centers are opening across the country, more people are gaining additional foam recycling options. This in turn is increasing awareness of the benefits of foam when properly recycled. Check out the newest recycling center in Urbana, Illinois, and start you’re a foam recycling routine today!

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