Successful Polystyrene Recycling Event in Mason, Michigan

Event organizers are very happy with Mason, Michigan’s polystyrene collection this past month. The event took place at Waste Management’s Westside Landfill and they received more product than they anticipated, said Waste Manager, Eric Shafer.

“I’m thrilled with the response,” Shafer said. “There wasn’t one person who came and dropped something off who didn’t have something positive to say. It seems people just really hate to put Styrofoam in the garbage instead.”

The Dart Container Corporation of Mason picked up the recycled polystyrene. Containers had to be filled with about 39 cubic inches of foam and they ended up having 10 containers full of polystyrene.

Shafer is hoping to make this a recurring event. He wants to propose that this event also takes place at the twice-a-year household hazardous waste and electronics recycling collection at the fairgrounds.

Many different kinds of polystyrene products were accepted. They received foam takeout containers, meat trays, foam coolers, foam packaging, and egg cartons. Shafer considers the event “a win-win.”

”It’s free for people to drop off, it’s free for us to send it to Dart, so there’s really no downside to this,” he said. “I didn’t know this but the end product of recycled Styrofoam is fake wood, like a wood-laminated picture frame you’d see for sale at Meijer or Walmart, for example. Dart also left me a bunch of 12-inch rulers, which are made from recycled Styrofoam.”

The next recycling collection is scheduled for September. If that collection goes as well as the first one, this will become a quarterly occurrence, Shafer said.

Dart is looking forward to the September recycling event and left Shafer with signs to help promote the next collection of polystyrene.

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