The City of Madison Increased Its Foam Recycling Presence

Foam recycling is the best way to protect the environmental and economic health of our major cities. In order to keep foam, or as it is more formally referred to, expanded polystyrene foam, out of landfills is to increase the number of foam recycling drop-off sites. To achieve this goal, the city of Madison and Uniek Manufacturing in Waunakee partnered up in 2012 and have worked together to create drop-off locations ever since that time.

Convenient foam recycling locations have now become readily available to any resident or taxpayer in the City of Madison at two separate drop-off sites. There are even drop off locations available to persons who seek to recycle foam outside of Madison. These drop-off sites in and outside the city collected a total of 21 tons of foam in 2015.

There are some restrictions on what is ultimately accepted at the foam recycling center in Madison. The list of accepted items at the foam drop-off site include block polystyrene packaging material, cups, coolers, egg cartons, and food containers. Items that are not accepted include dirty polystyrene, packing peanuts, polystyrene insulation, and dirty meat trays. All items that are dropped off have to be in clear plastic bags.

Instead of the foam ultimately ending up in landfills, recycled EPS foam is being put to good use and benefits many different companies. From the drop-off sites, the foam is transported to Uniek Manufacturing in Waunakee to help create picture frames, along with a variety of other products. By giving residents a place to recycle foam products, the city of Madison is also encouraging residents to help build a stronger, healthier community.

Foam Recycling